Rock ‘N’ Rhythm Revue

Rockin with the Best All Day and Everyday

Debuting in Spring 2008, the Rock N Rhythm Revue is a 30 minute program created by Matt Masters, who produces & hosts each show.

 The Revue showcases the musical period of roughly 1945-1965 encompassing the genres of jazz, blues, jump blues, swing, doo-wop, rockabilly, R&B, rock n roll, garage rock, early British invasion – and well you get the picture – no wimpy malt shop memories, no Patti Page or Pat Boone, nor other bland pop music of that era – its gotta have rhythm and its gotta rock. Each show is theme-based: sometimes an artist or record label is showcased, or sometimes a genre or one song is featured (in its various versions) & sometimes its just a theme we are all familiar with.